Dear Colleagues!

As part of the project to reduce warehouse balances of the Holding, as well as free up warehouse space, we are doing a lot to reduce surplus inventory items (inventory) that are no longer used in production.

Please note that:

  • we do not resell, but we sell only those illiquid goods and materials that are in stock;
  • our illiquid inventory holdings and most of them are in their original packaging.

The list of illiquid or not used in the production of goods and materials in the context of each branch can be downloaded by clicking on the link of the corresponding branch of the Holding. The same links provide all the information you need to contact each branch.

We also draw your attention to the fact that:

  • information on the site is updated quarterly;
  • offers for the wholesale purchase of homogeneous products, as well as offers with your price are considered first of all;
  • export is carried out by forces and transport of the Buyer. Anything else is agreed upon additionally. Shipment and sale of illiquid assets is carried out at a convenient time for you.

For the most efficient cooperation, we offer the following work scheme:

  1. You download the list you need and choose the positions that interest you.
  2. Send an application for the purchase of goods indicating the required quantity and price to the contact person’s email box.
  3. After receiving the application, the employees of the company will definitely contact you.