Drilling rigs are supplied by power lines 6,3 kW, 50 Hz or by a complex of diesel electric stations.



Drilling rigs electric equipment includes:

•power supply system;

•variable electric drives of the main mechanisms;

•electric drives of the auxiliary mechanisms;

•drilling rigs automated control system;

•drilling rigs lighting system;

•drilling process variables control system;

•explosion-proof   system of industry simplex-duplex loud-speaking communication;

•service systems;

•explosion-proof   system of industry closed-circuit television;

•explosion-proof equipment of wireless communication (radio stations);

•meteorological equipment set.

Modern drilling rigs have a variable (AC or DC) drive of all the main mechanisms.

Drilling rigs are equipped with digitally controlled DC or AC transducers. 

High mount ability of drilling rigs electrical equipment:

•factory-assembled electrical mounting of each module;

•large unit completed factory-assembled electrical devices of large-scale integration;

•microprocessor control system of the drilling rig electric drives.